destroying or disabling already initialized keytable plugin.

destroying or disabling already initialized keytable plugin.

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i am using keytable plugin with jeditable and here is the code.

var keys = new KeyTable({
"table": document.getElementById('estEditTable'),
"datatable": estEditTable
keys.event.action( null, null, function (nCell) {
keys.block = true;
$(nCell).editable( function (sVal) {
var id = $(this).parent().attr('id');
var index = $(this).parent().find('td.focus').index();
console.log(id + ', ' + index + ', ' + sVal);
keys.block = false;
return sVal;
"onblur": 'submit',
"onreset": function()
setTimeout( function () {keys.block = false;}, 0);
setTimeout( function () { $(nCell).click(); }, 0 );

on wake of click even i want to disable or destroy the keytable plugin. something like this.

//disable key table plugin

and also similarly enable it.

is there a way i could do this?

thank you.


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    KeyTable has a 'block' parameter which and be used to tell it to ignore key strokes - keys.block = true; for example. Then to enable input control again you'd just set it to false (you might need to set focus as well depending if focus is retained or not).

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