Fixed columns + ScrollY: bug with mousewheel button scroll

Fixed columns + ScrollY: bug with mousewheel button scroll

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Hi there,

Though there have been several threads about rows not scrolling on standard mousewheel scroll, I haven't seen this one documented anywhere.

  1. Goto the basic demo of Fixed Columns:
  2. Mousewheel-click inside a non-fixed column and start scrolling down.
  3. Maintain mousewheel pressed, then drag over the fixed column.

Problem: the fixed column stops scrolling down! It snaps back in place only when we go back hovering a non-fixed column, or scroll the table vertically in another way (mousewheel or scrollbars).

Seen in the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox (Jan 7, 2019)
Not seen in Internet Explorer 11.


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    Thanks for posting this! I'll need to get back to you when I've got my Windows machine as my current Linux one doesn't appear to do mouse wheel click scrolling. I've added it to our bug tracker so I don't loose it!


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