Tabletools + rows with ID numbers

Tabletools + rows with ID numbers

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Because the great help last time, i would like to know if it is possible to do the following.

I have the following table:


ID 1

Content of ID 1
When clicked on the row above

ID 2

Content of ID 2
When clicked on the row above


When i use that code, it isn;t working. When i delete the rows with id number it is working great.

The rows with id numbers are hidden rows. When clicked on a edit button the row will be showed. So i would like to see that if someone is filtering the data, that the row is showed with the right content, and when cthey click on the edit button the hidden row will show up.

Can you follow it? It isn't possible right now, does someone know a workaround?


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    It's certainly possible, although not exactly the way you have it out of the box. Here is a demo of what is built into DataTables: . If you need the columns to align (the DataTables method uses a single wide cell rather than multiple cells) then there are two options: 1. inject a table with the same number of columns as the main table and equalise the widths using Javascript, 2. remove the TD DataTables adds and then insert your own using normal DOM methods. I'm sure there are other ways as well, but these are the two which spring to mind!

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    Wow you're fast! Like wtf :P I'm going to test it later this evening! thank you very much
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