Send more parameters

Send more parameters

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I made two linked tables like here:
But I still need to pass one parameter to the server. I do not know how to do this, I do not understand the syntax. I.e. there is this:

We also need to add:
var1: var1
to send to the server.

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    You would use something like this:

        var usersEditor = new $.fn.dataTable.Editor( {
            ajax: {
                url: '../php/users.php',
                data: function ( d ) {
                    var selected = siteTable.row( { selected: true } );
                    if ( selected.any() ) {
                        d.var1 = var1;

    You can move the d.var1 = var1; outside the if statement if you always want to send it. Basically the d variable is the data sent to the server. You can see this using the browser's network inspector. See this technote for instructions. Look at the headers tab to see the request. In this tab you can find the parameters sent.


  • ostmalostmal Posts: 102Questions: 33Answers: 0

    Kevin, thank you! Very much helped!

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