Performance issues when selecting many records

Performance issues when selecting many records

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Our team is using datatables for various areas in our system. We have a custom "Select All" button that runs the following code

table.rows( { search: 'applied', page: 'current' }).select();

we have found that as the amount of records in the table increases the performance suffers with it. At around 3k records the browser stops responding, and we have areas with over 10k records. Googling performance issues results in issues regarding loading the data onto the table, for which we have no real issues, but for specifically the selection of many records we've found no solution. How can we improve performance of this functionality?

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    Thanks for your query. I've just put this little example together which appears to be quite performant at 50k rows. Does it work for you? If so, can you then link me to your page which is having performance issues so I can help to debug it?


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    Hi Alan thanks for your reply. Your example was helpful in figuring out the differences between a simple table and ours which has more features added to it. We had in our tables a custom set of checkboxes per row and updating them upon selecting all rows was causing the performance drop. Removing them fixed the issue. Thanks

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