Using import csv functionality with Django

Using import csv functionality with Django

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Link to test case:
Debugger code (

(document).ready(function() {
    // Regular editor for the table
    editor = new $.fn.dataTable.Editor( {
        ajax: "../php/staff.php",
        table: "#example",
        fields: [ {
                label: "First name:",
                name: "first_name"
            }, {
                label: "Last name:",
                name: "last_name"
            }, {
                label: "Position:",
                name: "position"
            }, {
                label: "Office:",
                name: "office"
            }, {
                label: "Start date:",
                name: "start_date",
                type: "datetime"
            }, {
                label: "Salary:",
                name: "salary"
    } );

Error messages shown:
Description of problem:

We are trying to use Django with a MySQL backend, and the ajax in this example code is providing a Php link as an endpoint to for data and the server side scripting. Is there a way to use django server and data from MySql db to achieve the same functionality?


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    This thread should help, it's asking the same thing.



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