Editor -- `Uncaught TypeError: editRow is undefined` when blurring from an inline edit field

Editor -- `Uncaught TypeError: editRow is undefined` when blurring from an inline edit field

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Link to test case: http://7771-73-200-31-30.ngrok.io/queue/
Debugger code (debug.datatables.net): "An error occurred." shows during upload process from bookmarklet
Error messages shown: Uncaught TypeError: editRow is undefined
inline http://7771-73-200-31-30.ngrok.io/queue/lib/dt/Editor-2021-09-30-2.0.5/js/dataTables.editor.js:21
inline http://7771-73-200-31-30.ngrok.io/queue/lib/dt/Editor-2021-09-30-2.0.5/js/dataTables.editor.js:21
jQuery 17
Description of problem: Unfortunately it does not happen every time, and does not seem to follow a pattern that I can find yet... but to reproduce the problem, click on a title to open an inline editor, then click outside of the input to save... The error may show in the console, after which point the page may break for any further execution or processing until refresh.

Since it's intermittent, it's difficult to diagnose. Plus, it happens within the encoded Editor plugin, so understandably I'm not able to see the guts.

But since the error message is known, Uncaught TypeError: editRow is undefined, I wanted to go ahead and post this in case there is an idea of what could be causing it...


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    I see you're using Editor in your example, but our accounts aren't showing that you have a license. Please can let us know so we can update our records and provide support.



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    That's right @collin. I just downloaded it this week, so I'm on the trial.

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    @collin Curious if it's not kosher to ask support questions about Editor in the forums before license purchase? Is there a separate forum for Editor that I access after buying the license?

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    I think that you would be better off in these cases assuming the positive -- that people are using the trial version and planning to buy... Am I missing something here?

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    Has anyone ever heard of or have experience with https://mengshukeji.github.io/LuckysheetDocs/ ?

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    You can ask questions about using the trial version. The developers aren't ignoring you, they live in the UK so probably haven't seen your questions. They are definitely interested in helping. @colin or @allan should get back to you soon.


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    edited September 17

    Thanks @kthorngren , I mean do you think it is beneficial to the project to ask this type of question about Editor here? I am planning to test whether or not it could be caused by a pending transaction from https://sqlitebrowser.org/ that hasn't been written yet... I haven't verified yet whether that could be the case, though I really don't think it is... I will delete this thread soon, I think, if there is really a better way to get Editor support

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    Also does deleting messages in this forum become impossible after a certain amount of time?

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    Overall, despite this intermittent quirk, I am not really swayed at all from the idea of purchasing a license

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    Thanks for your messages - I was going to have a look and see if I could help resolve the error, but I'm guessing the server is down at the moment as I'm getting this from the URL above:

    Tunnel 7771-73-200-31-30.ngrok.io not found

    Are you able to bring it back up so I can take a look?

    Colin's question is just because we don't appear to have any record of your account having downloaded the Editor trial. We absolutely do provide support for trial users as you'll see from other threads in the forum.


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