Tfoot for tables that use's js array as datasource

Tfoot for tables that use's js array as datasource

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I have dynamically created table like in the javascript array example:

There is missing option to draw TFOOT for that kind of tables.

So I first tried to solve this issue by cloning the thead content to tfoot. I did that adding one line of jQuery to fnInitComplete. It worked.

Then I tested reordering that I have done using amazing colreorderwithresize.js plugin. If I reorder those thead columns then that same order is not cloned to tfoot columns.

So first I hope that some new version of the datatable will be able to create tfoot if we are using javascript array as datasource. And it will work also with colreorderwithresize.js plugin. I know this may not be top the priority feature.

Meanwhile, please inform me if there is some other way that I can solve this problem.

Thanks Alan for this great plugin.



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    Hi josk,

    At the moment the only way to add a footer dynamically is with standard DOM / jQuery methods. At some point, as part of the work I'm planning to do on improving how the columns with in DataTables, I hope to add more options for dynamically creating the header and footer, but that's probably a good for months off.

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