inline form commands example is not working

inline form commands example is not working

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In Chrome I am getting Javascript errors looking at that example in the editor section. I think this is the example I need to complete what my client is looking for, but I am unsure until it works :)


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    This is a bug in 1.2.0 - thanks for pointing it out. A fix will be included in 1.2.1, which will be released next week.

    The problem is that TableTools isn't loaded on that page, and although Editor should work just fine without TableTools, the bug is that there is a reference to TableTools, when out checking for its existence first.

    For the moment, if you look int he _constructor function, you'll find `var ttButtons = window.TableTools.BUTTONS;` . That, and the block below it should be enclosed by `if ( window.TabelTools )` .

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