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I followed your instructions and loaded the MySQL database and changed the config.php file to my database with your SQL data tables but it's not looking at my live server data?! Link to test below:

What am I doing wrong? I want to see the data from my server.

Ultimately I want to use the below example to edit/add/delete off my database?! Not sure if this is the right tool or not.

Please help! :)


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    Sorry for the delay in replying to your message. It was unfortunately caught in our spam filter.

    Looking at your page, there are a number of 404 errors which cause the page to be in-operative. Specifically `jquery.js` and `jquery.dataTables.js` are not in the locations suggested by the HTML.

    It looks to me that the DataTables examples have been inserted into the Editor directory, but the paths which reference jQuery and DataTables have not been updated.

    For example - if you load the Editor examples, with do have the correct paths, the Javascript files are loaded and DataTables does initialise ( ).

    Having said that, as you'll see there is an error during the initialisation - this appears to be because the host server has an out of date version of PHP. Editor makes use of the features available in PHP 5.3 to present a clean API, but the server look like it is running software which is no longer supported by the PHP folks themselves (5.2 perhaps?).

    Are you able to update the PHP on your server? I do have libraries which are compatible with PHP 5.2 if you want, but they don't have some of the new features such as join tables and the API isn't as nice (it was replaced for a reason!).

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