Double Scrollbar - Horizontal

Double Scrollbar - Horizontal

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I tried the DoubleScroll plugin posted in this thread ( ) for add a scrollbar at the top of the table, with the trick for the DataTables posted by jean21 ( ) but for me doesn't works.
If I try to use with text in the tags, the double scroll appears and works, but if i try to use with external data (stored in mysql) with: "sAjaxSource" doesn't work. The background of the scrollbar appears but the scrollbar no.

I tried with: jQuery 1.7.2; jQuery-UI 1.8.18; Datatables 1.9.4

This is the test link:

There's a solutions?



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    Not a good one as far as I am aware. Anything to make a second scrollbar appear is going to be a hack, since DataTables uses the browser's internal scrolling abilities, which typically do not support double scrollbars.

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