Datatables server side processing Urgent !

Datatables server side processing Urgent !

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Hi All,
I am struggling to understand the datatable implementation of the server processing. My usecase is I want to use datatable with server side processing since I will be dealing with large set of data.

We use JSF for web application.I am just wodering if anybody has an example of JSF with datatable.Also the documentation says that we
need some kind of server side script to get the data from the database. WHat we would liek to do is call a java function on the server side which will eventually connect to the database.

Does anybody have a insight into this ?



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    I can't help with the JSF part, but for what is required for server-side processing is documented here:

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    The JED website has many examples showing how to use DataTables on the Java platform. There are no examples specific to JSF, but there is an example on Server-side Processing:
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