Tools and techniques

Tools and techniques

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Hi Guys, any one here would like to suggest some good tools and techniques to work with DOM jQuery.Datatable source code,
Basically any good javaScript development framework tool?
Except, notepad ++ & Debug tools like IE Developer & Firebug etc.


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    As far as debugging tools, Allan (the creator of DataTables) made an exceedingly amazing debugging tool that you can use with the tables The instructions are pretty simple to follow, basically when you get it set up you run the code to see the page where the table lives, click the bookmark and boom. You get a link to an output of EVERYTHING in the table which can generally help you track bugs down (and is a huge help when asking questions on the forums for others to see what is going on).

    As far as tools go, I don't have many suggestions since I only use Visual Studio for my development, so I can't be much help there.

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    Rpiechura ...Thanks for input... will help in reducing debugging speed.

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