change CSV delimiter

change CSV delimiter

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When using TableTools.js it automatically delimits generated CSVs with a comma as usual but I want to use a pipe. how can I change this in your JavaScript?


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    In the TableTools.js I found this call fnGetDataTablesData(",") in the fnFeatureSaveCSV function and changed it to be fnGetDataTablesData("|") and my web page ignores the pipe and still outputs the comma even after clearing the cache.

    function fnFeatureSaveCSV ()
    var sBaseClass = "TableTools_button TableTools_csv";
    var nButton = document.createElement( 'div' ); = "ToolTables_CSV_"+_iId; = _oSettings.iButtonHeight+'px'; = _oSettings.iButtonWidth+'px';
    nButton.className = sBaseClass;
    _nTools.appendChild( nButton );

    var clip = new ZeroClipboard.Client();
    clip.setHandCursor( true );
    clip.setAction( 'save' );
    clip.setFileName( fnGetTitle()+'.csv' );

    clip.addEventListener('mouseOver', function(client) {
    nButton.className = sBaseClass+'_hover';
    } );

    clip.addEventListener('mouseOut', function(client) {
    nButton.className = sBaseClass;
    } );

    clip.addEventListener('mouseDown', function(client) {
    clip.setText( fnGetDataTablesData("|") );
    } );

    fnGlue( clip, nButton, "ToolTables_CSV_"+_iId, "Save as CSV" );
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    Looks like you might be using an old version of TableTools - the line you want to change in the current version is:

    fnFlashSetText( clip, fnGetDataTablesData(",", TableToolsInit.sCsvBoundary) );
    It would probably be worth upgrading.

    I didn't provide an option to change the separator, given the expansion of the CSV acronym :-). But changing that line should do the trick!

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