Extending KeyTables Plugin

Extending KeyTables Plugin

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I am trying to extend the keytables plugin to make it work a little differently. I am using the method of extending a jQUery plugin as demonstrated by Matt Huggins as shown here https://github.com/mhuggins/jquery-ui-autocomplete-hints/blob/master/jquery.autocomplete.js

But here i m facing few problems

1. I am not able to get the keytable as [code] $['KeyTable'].prototype [/code] instead i have to use [code]KeyTable.prototype[/code]
2. I am not able to get all the functions defined by keyTables using
for (var i in plugin) {
if (typeof(plugin[i]) === 'function') {
functions[i] = plugin[i];
instead , i am getting only the constructor of the keytable.

Anybody please help me extending the keyTable plugin and calling the internal functions from my extended file.


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    KeyTable is not a jQuery UI plug-in, so following a jQuery UI plug-in probably won't get you very far!

    The functions in KeyTable are private and cannot be overridden externally - so if you want to alter them, you need to just change the source of the file.

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