text color bug for disabled TableTools button

text color bug for disabled TableTools button

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I think I found a text coloring bug for disabled TableTools buttons. I was wondering why a disabled TT button still shows black text color. In "TableTools.css" I found that in fact for disabled buttons it should be grey:

[code]button.DTTT_disabled, div.DTTT_disabled, a.DTTT_disabled {
color: #999;

But apparently the grey gets overwritten by black because for the standard enabled button the text color black defined as being "!important":[code]button.DTTT_button, div.DTTT_button, a.DTTT_button {
color: black !important;

A disabled TableTools button has classes : "DTTT_button DTTT_button_text DTTT_disabled" and so it is the black that wins.

I solved this problem by adding '!important' to the grey color as well, making it: "color: #999 !important;".


[[This is a repost of something I posted to the TableTools forum. I thought it would be more appropriate in here, but was not longer alowed to edit my original posting.]]
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