Clone record in Editor

Clone record in Editor

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Hello Alan

I'm using Editor, and i want to add a button that makes duplicate a database entry and insert it after te original entry.

Is this possible ?



  • allanallan Posts: 60,962Questions: 1Answers: 9,939 Site admin
    Absolutely! The way to do this is to create a new record, based on the information of the selected record and using the Editor API. So you might do something like:

    var data = this.fnGetSelectedData();
    if ( data !== 1 ) {

    editor.create( null, null, false );
    editor.set( 'name', data[0].name );
    editor.set( 'access', data[0].access );
    // ...

    I've only got it working on a single row there, but I'm sure you can see how you could actually extend it to work on multiple rows if needed as well.

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