ColReorder 1.0.8 Problem / js error

ColReorder 1.0.8 Problem / js error

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i have a complex application running, fine with colreorder 1.0.6 but not with 1.0.8. the problem occurs when you have a datatable with hidden columns and use colreorder and state saving , and destroy the table (what my app sometimes does).
testcase based on datatables example:

just call the page, modify column order, reload the page (to load the saved state), click BUTTON on the bottom to call fnDestroy, and look at the javascript console (ColReorder.js, Row 502 Char 7, that.s.dt is null or not an object). i believe it has something to do with the draw callback, i 'fixed' the problem by checking if that.s and that.s.dt is not null around line 506 but i'm not really sure if that is how it should work. with colreorder 1.0.6 there was no problem. not many people may do what i do but i need to destroy the table (i clear the div in my app afterwards)


if ( !that.s.dt._bInitComplete )
var bDone = false;
this.s.dt.aoDrawCallback.push( {
"fn": function () {
if (that.s != null)
if (that.s.dt != null)
if ( !that.s.dt._bInitComplete && !bDone )


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    Looks like it is already fixed in the nightly: .

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    that was fast :) thanx
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