Editor mRender equivalence

Editor mRender equivalence

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Hi all
I use a number formatter to display and validate number and I use mRender in oaColumns datatable
is there and equivalence in Editor

"fields": [{
"label": "$ Sales:",
"name": "CVSALES",
"attr": {"maxlength": 12},
"mRender": function( iIn ) {
return ("$"+jQuery.formatNumber(iIn, {format:"#,###.00-", locale:"ca"}))}


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    Not really actually - it is assumed that generally Editor will be working with the raw data. Having said that you can use the dataProp option ( https://editor.datatables.net/fields/#dataProp ) as a function, just like how mData as a function work, so that might be an option for it. Note that unlike mRender dataProp (like mData) can be both a getter and a setter.

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