(SOLVED)[ERROR] invalid return: return DataTable.settings[i].oInstance;

(SOLVED)[ERROR] invalid return: return DataTable.settings[i].oInstance;

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I just downloaded the latest version(1.9.4) and tried to include it into my atlassian-jira-gadget, but after running the installation again,
the internal YUI javascript compiler threw this error:

[INFO] Compiling javascript using YUI
[INFO] compressing to /Users/xxx/target/classes/datatable/js/jquery.dataTables.min-min.js
[INFO] compressing to /Users/xxx/target/classes/datatable/src/api/api.internal-min.js
[INFO] compressing to /Users/xxx/target/classes/datatable/src/api/api.methods-min.js
[INFO] compressing to /Users/xxx/target/classes/datatable/src/api/api.static-min.js
[INFO] compressing to /Users/xxx/target/classes/datatable/src/core/core.ajax-min.js
[INFO] compressing to /Users/xxx/target/classes/datatable/src/core/core.columns-min.js
[INFO] compressing to /Users/xxx/target/classes/datatable/src/core/core.constructor-min.js
[ERROR] invalid return
[ERROR] invalid return
return DataTable.settings[i].oInstance;
[ERROR] invalid return
[ERROR] Compilation produced 3 syntax errors.
[ERROR] Unable to complete running command: pi

I have included jquery.colorpicker, and Flexigrid without any of these errors. they run fine. So I think this error really belongs to DataTables.

Can you please help me?



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    Don't compress the files in media/src . The DataTables main file is built from those files using a shell script. Only one file is required for DataTables the js/jquery.dataTables.s one - and there is already a minified version available with better compression that YUI compressor.

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    Thanks for the superfast and perfect answer!
    It works now!

    I wish you the best
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