Using fnGetPosition on dynamic tables

Using fnGetPosition on dynamic tables

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Hi again. I was wondering about getting the position of a selected row in tables that are dynamically created with AJAX. The example shown for fnGetPosition would work for me if I had td's or tr's in the table body, but since Datatables is drawing the table from a datasource, there are none.

I'm hoping to create a hyperlink for the row. When a user clicks anywhere on a particular row, it will send them to another page (in my case, a "details" page)

Thanks for you help!


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    Hi Andrew,

    If I understand correctly, then you can certainly do what you are looking for - the key is added event handlers post initialisation: .

    You can get all of the TRs (and subsequently the TDs) by using fnGetNodes(). From there fnGetPosition() should work perfectly.

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