Exporting multiple displayed tables to PDF

Exporting multiple displayed tables to PDF

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I have a utility that populates multiple tables on a single page. In these table, there are certain elements that can have their data changed. As the data is changed, all related information is updated accordingly so the facing document has acquired a uniqueness separate from the database. I do NOT want to save these changes as they are used in analysis and are not to be preserved.

But, there are times when the data needs to be printed out cleanly and kept for future analysis. For this reason, I need a facility to print the contents of the page with all the changes.

I have looked at and tried the jsPDF but it fails miserably to work with tables.

Can Datatables print out multiple tables to pdf?

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    Currently no - you would need to make some modifications to the TableTools Javascript and SWF to be able to output multiple tables to a single file.


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