Exclude html contents/classes from text search

Exclude html contents/classes from text search

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Hi, I have a jquery datatable in my page. When I try to search the table for contents, it matches the html contents as well.
<tr class="odd"> <td class=" sorting_1">data<span class="label label-success">Running</span></td> </tr>
This cell matches 'span', 'label', 'label-success' etc. Is it possible to configure datatables to search only the text/data instead of the html contents?

I tried setting the type to 'html' it didn't work. I use jquery.dataTables.js version 1.9.4


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    This is an error in DataTables 1.9.4 I'm afraid. I'd suggest updating to the current release , 1.10.0, which fixes this error.


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