Use rowspan and colspan in tbody without errors?

Use rowspan and colspan in tbody without errors?

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I've used DataTables 1.9 with tables using rowspan and colspan. Everything worked fine. Now, with 1.10 rowspan and colspan messes up DataTables and throws JavaScript error(s).

I think that rowspan and colspan are rather mandatory options in my opinion to create some nicer table formats.

I had no JS errors in DataTables 1.9, but there's one now in 1.10.



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    DataTables has never supported colspan or rowspan in the tbody. If it worked at all before, then it was entirely accidental (although i'm very surprised if it did work before, since 1.9- has code specifically designed to detect that and give an error).

    I fully agree that it would nice excellent to add support for these two attributes, but it adds a lot of complications.


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