FixedHeader v2.0.3 released

FixedHeader v2.0.3 released

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Hello all,

This release of FixedHeader serves as a dual announcement - firstly, FixedHeader will not be supported with scrolling in DataTables 1.7. Secondly, the actual code change in this release is simply that FixedHeader will give a warning if you attempt to use it with scrolling to alert you of this fact.

It is important to not that FixedHeader is supported by 1.7 and will continue to be a "first class" plug-in for DataTables, it just will not support scrolling.

The reason for this decision not to support FixedHeader with scrolling in DataTables 1.7 is two fold:

- To some extent the scrolling feature and FixedHeader solve the same problem. The basic issue is how to show a large set of data to the end user in a manner they will find it easy to understand. FixedHeader does this by moving the header as you scroll, scrolling does this by moving the content as you scroll. The exception to this is if the user selects to view '100' (or whatever) records at a single time.

- It would require a major effort to re-engineer the FixedHeader code base to support this interaction, significantly increasing the complexity of the code, due to how the DOM is manipulated by DataTables. That is not to say that it is impossible, indeed far from it - but that this time it is not considered to be a high enough priority when there are many other DataTables engineering tasks to be carried out. If this is something you want to be looked at in future, please indicate so in this thread :-)


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