single column fnFilter not working with > symbol

single column fnFilter not working with > symbol

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I'm having a problem with the example on It works great with most field values, but when I choose a value that has a > symbol in it, no rows are displayed. The standard search field at the top of the DataTable works just fine with > symbols.

After playing around a bit, I found that if I replaced lines 1493-1497 (the single-column call to _fnFilterComplete in fnFilter) in the jquery.dataTables.js file with lines 4019-4026 (the keyup event on the standard search field), it works fine though it searches the entire table instead of just that column.

In other words, it's not some sort of weird data error; it seems to be a difference between the way that fnFilter works for a single column vs. the way that _fnFilterComplete works for whole-table searches.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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    i think in single column filtering you have to write your own regular expression to escape '<'.even dataTable also does but it will be better if you will write your own...
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