Z-Index problem for Menu

Z-Index problem for Menu

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Hi Allan,

Let me first congratulate you on a great control. It works like a breeze and is highly configurable.

Coming to my problem, I've used a simple menu using tags. The problem I am facing is that the menu is not visible from the point where the datatable starts.

A few suggestions say that tinkering with the data_table wrapper should solve the problem, which didn't work for me.

Request you to kindly help me on the same.



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    Try to edit you .css (ex: demo_table.css) and delete the following piece of code:

    .dataTables_wrapper {
    position: relative;
    min-height: 302px;
    _height: 302px;
    zoom: 1; /* Feeling sorry for IE */
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    The problem seems to be the line:
    position: relative;

    Best regards,
    rvrocha aaattt yahoo.com
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