DataTables for Glow JS library

DataTables for Glow JS library

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Hello all,

A few days ago the BBC announced that their Glow JS library had been open sourced at version 1.5 ( ). I'm really liking what is available in Glow, and I've always thought it would be fairly easy to port DataTables to a different JS library - so I decided to give it a go. A few hours later and I've ported 1.5 beta 10 including all of it's features (but not all of the demos) to Glow.

Download it here:


Zero configuration example:

There are a handful of small changes from the main jQuery version of DataTables (server-side processing uses POST by default, nested tables might run into problems and you need to pass the table you want to create as a function parameter), but all of the core stuff is there.

I'm quite excited about having DataTables running on more than one JS library, but this is very much an experimental build to see how it is received. All feedback is welcome. Note that the main development work will absolutely continue on the jQuery version - as I say this is just an experimental build to satisfy my own curiosity!

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