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I am finding the datatable is getting slow to load at about 700 rows. Is there anything I can do, to improve performance?


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    Hm, my datatable works fast enough at 5000-7000 rows with about 5-6 columns in some browsers, but it is not enough for me ... I need to make it usable on 15-20 thousands of rows. Is there any way to improve performance ?
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    Hi Guys,

    This is something which has been brought up a number of times in the forum (links below) - here is a summary of the options available

    - disable sorting column classes with bSortClasses ( )
    - disable (or optimise) sorting
    - use server-side processing (I would strongly recommend this for tables >1000 rows - even 500 row tables could benefit)

    Long and short of it: I would recommend server-side processing for large tables! This is what is was designed for after all... See for an example:


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