ColReorder iFixedColumns Issue

ColReorder iFixedColumns Issue

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DataTables Version: 1.7.5
ColReorder Version:
ColVis Version:

Attempting to fix the first column using the following directive:
'oColReorder': {
'iFixedColumns': 1
Works fine and cannot drag the first column. However, I can take any other column and drag it before the fixed column. Thus, the first fixed column has moved to the second column and is still fixed. Ideally, the first column should be frozen w/o the ability to drag other columns before it.


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    Further, looks like iFixedColumns gets overwritten by the cookie set via bStateSave. In theory, the previous state should be loaded, but modification made to ensure an updated configuration, such as iFixedColumns: 1 now being iFixedColumns: 2, taking effect.
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    It shouldn't be possible to drag the column infront of the fixed one - like in this example: . iFixedColumns isn't a parameter which is saved in the state saving cookie - so while it's possible there is some odd interaction, I can't think of what it would be atm :-). Could you give us a link to your example which isn't working?

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