How to get values of multi selected rows

How to get values of multi selected rows

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I have a datatable created like below..

I am using select 1.2.3 plugin and I am able to select multiple rows.. but when I am trying to get the data of selected row
it only returns the first row data and not of all the rows..

       receiptTable = $('#receiptModalTable').DataTable( {
            dom:  "RBt",
            ajax: base_url + 'api/partyreceipt?' + $.param(_params), 
            idSrc:  'receipt_id',
            select: {
                style: 'multi'
            autoWidth: false,
            columns: [
                { data: "dispatch.parent_id" },
                { data: "receipt_id" },
                { data: "dispatch.dispatch_id"},
                { data: "receipt_date"},
                { data: "delivered_weight"},
            buttons: [
                    text: 'Use Selected Receipts',
                    action: function ( e, dt, node, config) {
                        var data = receiptTable.row('.selected');
                            //var receiptId = data['receipt_id'];


There is no documentation related to getting data for all the rows..

Kindly help..

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