Freeze Panes

Freeze Panes

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Is there support for implementing Excel 'Freeze Panes' kind of functionality for both headers row and the first column ? i.e. if there are a large no of data columns and a somewhat large number of records and I dont want to paginate, is there anyway that while horizontal scrolling, the fist column remains visible at all times and during vertical scrolling, the column headers or field names remain visible at all times ?


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    Have a look at this thread: . Holding the thead element in place should be possible using CSS (although I've just to get a working example for that - IE7 screws it up bad...). But there isn't really any way to hold the first column in place. What you would need to do for that is draw another table over this display and update it every time a draw occurs (so it is possible to give that 'effect'.

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