What function does the Copy (HTML5) button execute?

What function does the Copy (HTML5) button execute?

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I would like to duplicate the function of the Copy button elsewhere in my app. I have tried adding another button like this:
<button type='button' id='btnCopySurrogate' class='c8dataChooserButton'>Copy to Clipboard</button> $('#btnFileChooserSurrogate') .on('click', function () { $('.dt-button.buttons-copy.buttons-html5').trigger('click'); });
but this doesn't seem to work (i.e.there is no confirmation message).
In any case, a cleaner approach would be to define the new button with the actual function that the original Copy button executes, rather than triggering a click on the original.

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    This is the function it executes. The document.execCommand part is the more interesting part - the rest is just data prep or backwards compatibility for old browsers.

    If you want to define a custom button docs for that are here.


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    Thanks Allan.
    In the end, I got the surrogate button approach to work. A stupid error had prevented it, which an eagle-eyed reader might spot from my original post.
    Your reply prompted me to look further into clipboard APIs, and I discovered an async one in the pipeline which might become interesting:

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