Bubble Edit null out "0" value

Bubble Edit null out "0" value

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I’m using the Bubble feature of the Editor and when I want to set a numeric field to null it doesn’t work if the existing value is 0 (the underlying database field is numeric). If it is any other value I can highlight the value, delete it and click on Update and it works. If I use the main editor form I can null out an existing 0 (or any other value), it appears to only be in the Bubble editor that I have this issue. Is there a way I can get bubble edit to allow a 0 to be nulled out?

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    Normally if I want to combine numeric fields with a null value, I'd use the ifEmpty() formatter. Then if the user submits an empty string null will be written to the database. That allows them to still submit 0 if needed.

    If you want 0 to be written as a null, then a custom set formatter is the way to do it.


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    Thank you.

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