Flexibel JSON

Flexibel JSON

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Got a question,perhaps a request:

Currently the JSON structure is fixed: {"data":[],"options":[],"files":[]}
Is it possible to add parts to the current JSON structure, like this: {"data":[],"options":[],"files":[],"messages":["Notification"]}

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    Answer ✓

    Absolutely! Are you using the PHP libraries? You can use the Editor->data() method to get the data structure and then modify it as you wish before sending it to the client-side:

    $json = new Editor( ... )
      ->fields( ... )
      ->process( $_POST )
    $json['messages'] = [];
    $json['messages'][] = 'Notification';
    echo json_encode( $json );

    The .NET and NodeJS libraries have a similar data method on the Editor class.


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