How do you export all data to a csv file (serverside) using a button

How do you export all data to a csv file (serverside) using a button

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//sails backend makes a call to this function

download: function( req, res){

        var page = req.param("draw");
        var columns = req.param("columns");
        var searchChars = req.param("search").value;
        var where = (searchChars ===''?{}:{ email : { 'contains' : searchChars } });
        User.count({}, function (err, count) {
            User.find(where).then (function (users) {
        return res.end(JSON.stringify({ data: users }));


//front end

var user_table = $('#datatable').dataTable({
        "columnDefs": [ { "searchable": true, "targets": 3 }],
        "processing": true,
        "ordering": false,
        "bFilter": true,
        "scrollX": false,
        "ajax": "/users/explore",
        "serverSide": true,
        "columns": customColumns,
        dom: "Bifpl",
        "buttons": [
                                        text: 'Export All to Excel',
                                        action: function (e, dt, button, config){
                                                        "url": "/users/download",
                                                        "data": dt.ajax.params(),
                                                        "success": function(res, status, xhr) {
                                                            res = JSON.parse(res).data;
                                                            var csvData = new Blob([res], {type: 'text/csv;charset=utf-8;'});
                                                            var csvURL = window.URL.createObjectURL(csvData);
                                                            var tempLink = document.createElement('a');
                                                            tempLink.href = csvURL;
                                                            tempLink.setAttribute('download', 'listOfUsers.csv');
                                        }//end action
                                    }//end buttons


The produced csv shows objects and does not show columns with new headers in them


  • colincolin Posts: 3,991Questions: 0Answers: 709

    Hi @gnwankwo ,

    We're happy to take a look, but it would help, as per the forum rules, if you could link to a running test case showing the issue so we can offer some help. Information on how to create a test case (if you aren't able to link to the page you are working on) is available here.



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