Date and Time Picker Program

Date and Time Picker Program

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I have a field that I need to enter both date and time for. Right now I specify a "date" field type so the jQuery UI datepicker is used, but I would like to use datetimepicker (which is an add-on to datepicker). Is it possible to specify the Javascript program I want to run for "date" field types?


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    Hi @lcog ,

    This thread here looks like it should help, there's an accepted answer for getting that datetimepicker going.

    Hope that helps, shout back if not,



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    Hello Colin,

    Thank you for the help.

    My takeaway from the thread you provided was to add an "fnInitComplete" option to the Datatable allocation. In the "fnIinitComplete" option I would specify the datetimepicker ('("#field").datetimepicker ( options );'). I tried this and still get the jQueryUI Datepicker, not the jQueryUI Datetimepicker. Am I missing something?

    Thank you,


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    To help diagnose the issue please provide a link to your page or a test case replicating the issue?


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