Handing of large data year-wise

Handing of large data year-wise

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I have a database over 5000 records with more than 60 attributes. Loading the same at once puts unnecesssary burden on network/browser since I need to access records for a particular year at a time. For this, I have a dropdown list which gets populated with last ten-years depending on the system date and the data of latest year is fetched from the server using ajax variable. When I shift from one year to another, the data of respective year gets loaded but editing thereof do not reflect in table although updated in database. I have to refresh the site and surf to that year to show the updated record. Getting deeper, I found that upon initiazation, the variable passed through the editor with ajax query is not changed with the change of year and that's why correct data is not returned by the server. Please help me to solve this issue..

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    Hi @shatrughan ,

    Without seeing your code it's hard to say. Could you post it here, please, and if possible, link to your page.



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