TinyMCE doesn't show content on first call

TinyMCE doesn't show content on first call

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Hey all,

I've got the following problem. I'm using the TinyMCE-plugin for text-field in my table and on the first call the content never shows up, there's just an empty editor. If I close the editor and try to edit the data a second time, the content suddenly shows up.

I already tried to use plain TinyMCE without any options but it didn't change a thing. I'm using the standard code provided on the plugin-site, so I don't know where the problem comes from.

Did anyone else already run into the same problem?


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    I'm not sure what would cause that I'm afraid. What version of TinyMCE are you using? I'll try to reproduce it here locally if you can let me know that. Also if you have a link to the page that you can give me that would let me debug it directly.


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    Just come across your thread. If you have not sorted the issue yet, please see this thread:


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