Input fields in a toolbar

Input fields in a toolbar

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I'm trying to put html input fields for filtering into a toolbar (to save space). I've succeded in putting the fields into the toolbar floating left, so they ar next to the search field, but they do not work, when they are inside a toolbar. They work fine outside the toolbar. I cannot find any examples of this in all your fine examples. I can see the input fields and I can type into them, but they do not filter.
Any ideas?

dom: '<"toolbar">Bfrtip',//Stort B tillader Buttons at dannes
    fnInitComplete: function(){
           $('div.toolbar').html('<tbody><tr><td> Lærer: </td><td align="center"><input type="text" class="column_filter" id="col5_filter"></td><td> Hold: </td><td align="center"><input type="text" class="column_filter" id="col6_filter"></td></tr></tbody>');


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    I believe the problem is due to initiating the input handler before the inputs are in place so they are not attaching to the inputs. Move your input handler code into initComplete after $('div.toolbar').html(..);.


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    Hi Kevin
    Thanks a lot. It works fine.

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