How to change position of buttons?

How to change position of buttons?

ilazycoderilazycoder Posts: 2Questions: 1Answers: 0

I have some custom buttons. Like Add New, PDF, CSV etc. I want these button in different positions. I have no problem to create button. But how can I give them position like the above image?


  • colincolin Posts: 8,085Questions: 0Answers: 1,357

    You can use dom to position controls. Also, you if you create the Buttons manually, you can position them anywhere, see example here.


  • ilazycoderilazycoder Posts: 2Questions: 1Answers: 0

    Okay Thank you.

    But I want to make Excel PDF Print dropdownable.

    I write code. It is working on jsfiddle but not in my Laravel Program. Can't find solution for search Label and this button problem.


    var opts = '';
    opts = opts + "<option value='excel'>"+ "Excel" + "</option>";
    opts = opts + "<option value='pdf'>"+ "PDF" + "</option>";
    opts = opts + "<option value='print'>"+ "Print" + "</option>";
    var select = "<select>" + opts + "</select>";
    $(select).insertAfter( "#datatablePermissionID_filter" );

    But if I make a real dom in HTML then it is working.

    Search Label:

    language: {
          url: languages['{{ app()->getLocale() }}'],
          search: ' ',
          searchPlaceholder: 'Search...'
  • allanallan Posts: 51,440Questions: 1Answers: 7,758 Site admin

    If you are using our Buttons library (which I'm not certain you are from the above code), then you could use a collection button.

    Without a test case, its hard to say much more than that though.


  • invescinvesc Posts: 1Questions: 0Answers: 0

    Hello, What I must to do if i want to add select with option in buttons panel?

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