Is it possible to disable RowReorder preview?

Is it possible to disable RowReorder preview?

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I'm using the RowReorder plugin -

I've noticed that when I have a very large table, i.e., a very large DOM, the reorder performance is very poor. I believe the poor performance is caused by DOM manipulation on the hover event.

Question: Instead of inserting a preview of the whole row being dragged into the place being hovered (inserting it into the DOM), can the plugin be configured to simply add a CSS class over the row being hovered (that would modify top border, for example)? Simply put, I'd like to bypass the DOM insertion/removal on hover and handle the hover event myself. Is this possible?


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    No - there is no option for that at the moment I'm afraid. However, it is just a DOM insert that is being performed, it shouldn't be that slow - are you able to give me a link to your page showing the issue so I can take a look please? One thing I'm wondering, do you have scrolling enabled, and if so, does it help if you disable that? Also you say a very large DOM, do you mean there is complex information in each row, or just that there are a lot of rows?


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    My apologizes for the late reply. I didn't see that you responded. I'll try to put together a demo really soon.

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