Please check the issue 2 related with Editor on the GitHub

Please check the issue 2 related with Editor on the GitHub

Alper YAZGANAlper YAZGAN Posts: 7Questions: 2Answers: 0

As you corrected the package.json for the "main item, package version 2.0.3 now contains the line

"main": "js/editor.dataTables.js",

but after I checked the install.js in the I figured out that the main should point out to 'dataTables.editor.js' like the below in package.json IMHO

"main : "dataTables.editor.js"

This is the main issue for that I still face the problem of getting DataTables Editor temporary holding file. warning.

Another one is (maybe this is related with my npm configuration) that checkWrite function in install.js in the did not write the necessary files but it says everything is fine and done.

Your comments will be greatly appreciated.



  • allanallan Posts: 54,909Questions: 1Answers: 8,606 Site admin

    Hi Alper,

    Thanks for your message - my apologies for this error. The main is actually correct, but we haven't bundled in the editor.dataTables files into the package. I've corrected that now and we'll do a patch release of Editor with that change and also update the install script to take account of this at the same time.


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