DIY concatenated JS/CSS with central asset location

DIY concatenated JS/CSS with central asset location

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I'm thinking about putting the entire DT package suite, and all its plugins, into a folder called assets for all of my projects to reference.

How might I concat all the JS and CSS files into a single line in my index.html file?

The Download Builder does this BEAUTIFULLY, and I'm trying to think of a layman's equivalent to this.

I'm battling this idea too: Should it be centrally controlled? OR, should it be per-project? Not every project will utilize the same plugins... BUT, a concatenated/customized CSS link could reference the components each project actually needs.

Anybody ever try this?

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    I built something once to dynamically build the JS and CSS files. Maybe it was just me learning to code but it seemed overly complex. I even went so far as to use to make sure the site was running the latest versions.

    The next version of that project I scrapped the above and just built concatenated files with the Download Builder and named them with the extensions included, for example: datatables-bs-jq-sl-bu-rr.min.js. I can use the link within the file to easily build the latest versions if needed.

    Not sure this answers your question but I guess the approach you take is up to your exact needs.


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