export to excel excelHtml5

export to excel excelHtml5

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I know there are plenty of discussions out there regarding this, and many point to microsoft and other documentation that is out there, but I can't get a clear understanding of exactly what this means:

$('row c[r^="K"]', sheet).each( function () {

I know it is going through every cell in the K column, but what is r^ ?

The reason I ask is I need to change the attributes for two specific cells, or I can change them for the cells in a specific row. But not understanding what the syntax above means, I don't know how to change it from column K to row 116 for example, much less the two specific cells I am needing.

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    That's actually a CSS thing - see here,


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    ah, I see. thanks.

    So to get row 116 I changed it to this:

    $('row c[r$="116"]', sheet).each(function () {
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