Mark empty or wrong input field when error is returned

Mark empty or wrong input field when error is returned

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Good afternoon (o;

Is there a way to automatically mark the inputs fields in the editor which are either wrong or missing
from a returned ajax call?

So far I've only found a way to display an error message at the bottom of the form when my ajax returns it.

thanks in advance


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    If you use the field validators server side this happens automatically. You can also do field validation client side which is similar.

    Here are two code examples:

    Server side field validation:

    Field::inst( 'cashflow.element' )
            ->validator( function ( $val, $data, $opts ) use ($msg) {
                if ( $data['cashFlowElement'] <= '' ) {
                    return $msg[0];
                return true;
            } )

    This will show an error message in the Editor form underneath the field and will highlight the field to be in error.

    Client side field validation:

    .dependent('someField', function (val, data, callback) {
        // since the field error is NOT induced server side
        // and "false" is not returned from the event handler, 
        // it will NOT prevent submission to the server.
        var thisField = this.field('yourField');
        if ( errorCondition ) { 
            thisField.error( "not ok" );
        } else {

    This will do the same thing.

    You are probably using a global validator server side which does not highlight the fields in error but only displays an error message at the bottom of the form. Like this for example:

    if ($lang === 'de') {     
            $msg[0] = 'Feld darf nicht leer sein.';
            $msg[1] = 'Bitte wählen Sie mindestens eine Behörde aus.';
        } else {
            $msg[0] = 'Field may not be empty.';
            $msg[1] = 'Please select at least one public authority.';
    ->validator( function ( $editor, $editorAction, $data ) use ( $msg ) {
        if ( $editorAction === Editor::ACTION_CREATE || 
             $editorAction === Editor::ACTION_EDIT       ) {
            foreach ( $data['data'] as $pkey => $values ) {
                if ( isset($values['gov-many-count']) ) {
                    if ( $values['gov-many-count'] <= 0 ) {
                        return $msg[1];
            return null;
    } )
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