PHP lib CURDATE() issue

PHP lib CURDATE() issue

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Regarding this Google result (closed thread):

This is my working SQL:
AND DATE(TimeSpan_Start)=CURDATE()

This solution works:
$Editor->where('DATE(TimeSpan_Start)', date('Y-m-d'), '=');

But I would prefer to use MySQL... why doesn't this work:
$Editor->where('DATE(TimeSpan_Start)', 'CURDATE()', '=', false);

Time-Zones for different Web Servers vs. SQL Server make things complicated.


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    It doesn't work like that, because the Editor->where() method doesn't have the same signature as Query->where(). Specifically there isn't the optional binding parameter. Instead, do:

    ->where(function ($q) {
      $q->where('DATE(TimeSpan_Start)', 'CURDATE()', '=', false);

    Using an anonymous function like that gives you access to the underlying Query->where() method which does allow you to set the binding option.


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