Using Editor in network isoleted from internet, no in or out connection.

Using Editor in network isoleted from internet, no in or out connection.

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I am developing software that need to work on private network that have no internet connectivity,
no IN or OUT from this network.

1) Is the licensing of Editor portion prohibit use in internet isolated environment.

2) What is license enforcing mechanism?

I have not purchased "Editor" license do to lack of this information. I managed editing of "datatables" and writing to database using my own code that is not as extensive and capable as "Editor" licensed code. I intend to purchase Editor license that will save me on development time.

3) The other use case is creation of packaged software containing "Editor" licensed software code. If purchaser have no intention to edit that software, will purchaser require to purchase Editor license, or I am required to distribute oem version of Editor license?

4) Is all "Editor" code open source? My clients require opensource only code for internal security and validation.


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    Well Editor have license that prohibit developer or project user to modify project that relate to Editor use unless they purchased the license for the Editor.
    The source code in the project is not encrypted, it is plain text as my understanding, so it is open source licensed project.

    Natural it is not candidate for public domain,
    as only people that purchased license for version of Editor used are legally allowed to edit this type of project.

    At other hand your or my customer my benefit from open source project to be able to verify logic of the project, and if needed purchase Editor license to edit its project.

    Not having assess to License file I assume more then I so-pose to. Is there license text for Editor available to read, evaluate (before you purchase)?

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    Thanks for your questions. DataTables and all of its extensions, with the sole exception of Editor, are open source under the MIT license. Editor has it's own commercial license and the revenue derived from Editor is what makes the DataTables project as a whole possible.

    The Editor trial Javascript is obfuscated and time limited. It will throw an error after the trial is up. The licensed code is not obfuscated and you would have the option of making changes to the Editor code if you need to. However, that doesn't make it open source - rather it is termed "source available". Additionally, Editor does not "phone home" - it will work just fine on an air-gapped network.

    If your client has a specific requirement that open source software is required in the project, then Editor would not be suitable for use in it.

    I hope this answers your various questions, but let me know if anything needs further clarification.


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    I intend to use Editor in voting system that require code verification and be capable to work in isolated system. Editing of provided code by customer is not required. Thank you Allan and tangerine for speedy support.

    To clarify my interpretation of opensource software: is (software that you can see and verify source code),
    it have non to: right to edit, distribute, reposes, rename, .... That will be software in public domain (MIT license) ...
    As we differ in interpretation I will not name Editor as opensource software.

    I think license of Editor will not prohibit my intended use.
    The only unclear is if I can distribute product that use Editor for customers that have no rights to modify source code. Distribute to them without oem Editor license?

    Regards bg77, Bogdan Grabinski

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    Yes, the difference between "open source" and "source available" can be a little nuanced. The OSI define what is "open source". And Wikipedia have a good description of source available.

    The only unclear is if I can distribute product that use Editor for customers that have no rights to modify source code.

    They would also have no right to write any software that uses the Editor API, options or events. Under our terms, that would then make them a "developer" and they would require their own license. However, if they will not be maintaining the software themselves, then they would not need their own license.


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