Custom row-level buttons.

Custom row-level buttons.

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I'm writing to find out whether a custom field-editing control can be placed inline in a datatable cell, or if it can only be in a popup dialog box?

We have an application that uses the datatables editor to support complex searching and editing of address information. The user uses our search controls to select a subset of customer addresses. These are extracted into a search table based on the user's complex search criteria.

The datatables editor is being used to replace an existing tool and it is a big improvement. The user can edit certain address fields with the datatables editor, and those changes are applied immediately to the search table. Once the user has verified the changes for a given address row, we need to be able to copy those changes back from the search table to the original database addresses.

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be possible to put a button on a row in the datatable. Instead, it seems like the user needs to use a button to invoke an edit dialog in order to be able to use custom field controls. Is this correct? Is there a way to put a custom editing control inline into the datatable, or do they only appear on dialog boxes?

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    I'm not sure if you are asking for something like this example. Or if you are looking for inline editing like these examples. There is one example with a submit button and another with an Edit icon.

    Are any of these examples what you are looking for?


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    Thanks so much for the quick response.

    I will deconstruct those examples in detail. It seems like you have pointed me in the direction of my answer!

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