DataTables 1.5.4 released

DataTables 1.5.4 released

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Hello all,

It's only been a week since 1.5.3 was released, but it's now time for 1.5.4 :-). While the last release focused on bug fixing, this release focuses on making DataTables even more flexible. Specifically:

- A new sorting API has been added (and fully documented: ) which can be used for performing sorting on information which required live DOM interaction (for example form elements). Example:

- Two 'flags' have been added to the settings object (bSorted and bFiltered) which can be used in fnDrawCallback() to perform any required actions. For example this is useful in maintaining a column of static indexes:

Others are detailed in the full release notes:

You can download DataTables 1.5.4 here:

Finally for now, please remember to make a donation for the continued support and development of DataTables:


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